All 12 Footballers who played with both Messi and Ronaldo

Who is better?
Is it Argentine maestro, or Portuguese superstar?

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest debates amongst football fans.

Playing with one of the all-time greats is one thing but playing with two is absolutely next level. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated world football for more than a decade, but only 12 players to date can boast that they have played alongside both of the global superstars.

12 Lucky Players Who Have Played With Both Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi

1. Gerard Piqué

Played With Ronaldo: 2004-06 & 2007-08 (Manchester United)
Played With Messi: 2008-present (Barcelona)

Spent the first part of his career at United with Ronaldo as he was on the ascend to his first Ballon d’Or win and has been up and close and personal to see all six of Messi’s prizes.

2. Paulo Dybala

Played With Ronaldo: 2018-present (Juventus)
Played With Messi: 2015-present (Argentina)

Has spent four years in Messi’s company in international football, in addition to a season-and-a-half with Ronaldo at Juventus.

3. André Gomes

Played With Ronaldo: 2014-present (Portugal)
Played With Messi: 2016-18 (Barcelona)

Gomes is captained by Ronaldo for Portugal and spent two years as Messi’s teammate at Barcelona.

4. Nélson Semedo

Played With Ronaldo: 2015-present (Portugal)
Played With Messi: 2017-present (Barcelona)

Has won back-to-back La Liga titles in the same Barcelona side as Messi and lifted the UEFA Nations League with Ronaldo this summer.

5. Carlos Tevez

Played With Ronaldo: 2007-09 (Manchester United)
Played With Messi: 2005-15 (Argentina)

Tevez played in the Premier League alongside Ronaldo and reached two Copa America finals for Argentina playing with Messi.

6.Gabriel Heinze

Played With Ronaldo: 2004-07 (Manchester United)
Played With Messi: 2005-10 (Argentina)

Was Ronaldo’s teammate for three years at Manchester United and Messi’s colleague for La Albiceleste.

7. Fernando Gago

Played With Ronaldo: 2009-11 (Real Madrid)
Played With Messi: 2007-17 (Argentina)

Gago played with Ronaldo for three years at Real Madrid from 2009 to 2011 and also with Messi in Argentina Team from 2007 to 2017.

8. Ezequiel Garay

Played With Ronaldo: 2009-11 (Real Madrid)
Played With Messi: 2007-15 (Argentina)

Garay played two seasons with Ronaldo in Madrid and made his Argentina debut in 2007 before going on to play in a World Cup final with Messi seven years later.

9. Ángel Di María

Played With Ronaldo: 2010-14 (Real Madrid)
Played With Messi: 2009-present (Argentina)

Linked up superbly with Ronaldo at Real Madrid, winning the 2014 Champions League. Closing in on 100 caps for Argentina after making his national team bow two years after Messi.

10. Henrik Larsson

Played With Ronaldo: 2007 (Manchester United)
Played With Messi: 2004-06 (Barcelona)

Larsson won the Champions League alongside a young Messi in 2006. Similarly, premier League with Ronaldo after playing 13 games on loan at Manchester United a year later.

11. Deco

Played With Ronaldo: 2003-10 (Portugal)
Played With Messi: 2004-08 (Barcelona)

Teamed up with Messi in his early days at Barcelona and represented Portugal alongside Ronaldo.

12. Gonzalo Higuaín

Played With Ronaldo: 2009-13 (Real Madrid) & 2019-present (Juventus)
Played With Messi: 2009-2019 (Argentina)

He too played in the same front line as the two titans of world football and is a current teammate of the duo, having been kept on by Juventus.

12 stars that have played with Messi and Ronaldo

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