All results of the English Premier League matches today

The Leicester team continued to chase Liverpool this season, and Manchester City also continued to chase after the Leicester team at Al Wasafa Center after the end of today’s matches on Wednesday.

Chelsea tied with Brighton with the taste of the loss in today’s opening matches, while Aston Villa beat Burnley to temporarily escape from the relegation zone.

Tottenham stumbled with coach Jose Mourinho and lost his confrontation with Southampton, who escaped from the danger zone leading to landing, while Watford beat Wolverhampton to restore confidence with coach Nigel Pearson.

Manchester City achieved a difficult victory over Everton while Arsenal concluded today’s meetings with a deserved victory at the expense of Manchester United in a classic English match of high style.

Brighton Albion and Chelsea match 1-1

The result of the Burnley match and Aston Villa 1-2

The result of the Southampton and Tottenham match 0-1

The result of the Newcastle and Leicester City match 0-3

The result of the Watford Wolverhampton match 2-1

Manchester City vs Everton 2-1 result

The result of the game Norwich City and Crystal Palace 1-1

The result of the West Ham and Bournemouth match 4-0

The result of the game Arsenal and Manchester United 2-0

All results of the English Premier League matches today

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