Anjan and Santosh will return to the field this week

Santosh Tamang and Anjan Bista, members of the Nepal National Football Team banned by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), will return to the field this week.

After spending the night at the club, with Kuwait under World Cup Qualification, the discipline committee of ANFA imposed sanctions on Santosh and Anjana for soccer and gave them a fine of 50,000.

Similarly, Bimal Gharti Magar and Dinesh Rajbanshi, who were involved in the same scandal, were banned for 90 days with a fine of Rs.50,000, due to which all four players lost the game with Kuwait under the World Cup Qualifiaction and the South Asian Games (SAG) at home ground.

However, after the player appealed, ANFA had reduced the ban on all four players by 1 month. Santosh Shahid Memorial ‘A’ will return to the field from the fourth leg of the game under Division League football, with the ban lifted. Anjan will return to the field by the fifth round of play.

The Army is playing with the Three Star on Wednesday. From that game, Santosh will take over the Army’s center midfield. Anjan, will play from the Manang Club and will return to the field on Saturday. Manag, the league leader, will face Machhindra Football Club on Saturday. Bimal and Dinesh will have to wait some time to play the league.

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