Bengaluru FC vs Nepal Army: LIVE: AFC Cup 2021

Nepal Army vs Bengaluru FC; LIVE; AFC Cup 2021 Qualifiers;

Tribhuvan Army (Nepal) and Bengaluru FC (India) in the Second Round AFC Cup 2021 Qualifiers
Tribhuvan Army FC vs Bengaluru FC
Venue: GMC Athletic Stadium, Goa
14 April 2021
AFC Cup 2021 Qualifiers Round 2

Live streaming of Nepal Army vs Bengaluru FC below:

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Nepal Army’s captain and important player Bharat Khawas will not play against Bengaluru due to the infection of COVID 19

1 Hour and 30 minutes remaining for the kick off.

Nepal Army training in Goa

Bengaluru’s Squad

Last 5 Matches updates:

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