Debut against Real Madrid, Luka Romero Becomes the Youngest Player of La Liga at the Age of 15 Years

Argentine youngster Luka Romero became the youngest player to ever play in La Liga on Wednesday when he came on for Mallorca during their 2-0 loss to Real Madrid.

Luka Romero was born on November 18, 2004. The Mallorca coach, Vicente Moreno, had actually brought the teenager earlier this month into the squad when he met Villarreal, but his debut had only happened when he met Real Madrid

Entered to replace Iddrisu Baba, Luka Romero made his debut in La Liga right when he was 15 years 2019 days, beating the record for the youngest player to survive for 89 years.

Yes, Argentine and Mexican blooded Luka Romero broke the record of Francisco Bao Rodriguez, also known as Sanson. In 1939, Sanson became the youngest player when played Celta Vigo at the age of 15 years 255 days.

Unfortunately, Luka Romero’s debut in La Liga ended in defeat. Real Mallorca must recognize the benefits of Real Madrid with a score of 2-0.

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