Dortmund agrees that Halland will leave Real Madrid on one condition

The German club Borussia Dortmund agrees with the idea of ​​dispensing the services of the Norwegian striker Erling Halland. Spanish counterpart Real Madrid in the coming period, on one condition.

The Royal Club is linked to seeking contract with Halland, whose star has emerged strongly in the sky of the Bundesliga. Since last January after moving to the German team from the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg Club.

Dortmund wants Jovic in exchange for Halland’s departure for Real Madrid

And, according to Spanish press reports, Dortmund wants to obtain the services of Serbian striker Luka Jovic from Real Madrid if he wanted the Real to include his star, Halland, according to the Spanish network, Defense Central.

And the Serbian has not succeeded in leaving a fingerprint with Los Blancos since joining the team from Eintracht Frankfurt. The yellow team has great memories for Jovic when he was in the Bundesliga. They will ask to sign him from Real Madrid if the Real moves to include Halland.

And the Spanish team continues to receive great reports about the return of Halland with Dortmund. As happened with him last summer when Jovic was in from Frankfurt.

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