‘F*ck off! Lampard vs Klopp’s furious in a touchline

Footage of the squabble between Frank Lampard and Jurgen Klopp in the English League match between Liverpool vs Chelsea on (07/23/20), spread across cyberspace.

An eight-goal party took place in the match between Liverpool v Chelsea. Jurgen Klopp’s side managed to break into the Blues goal five times, while the visitors only responded with three goals. One unforgettable moment of the match was when Frank Lampard was ignited with emotion and was seen inviting Jurgen Klopp to quarrel on the sidelines.

Chelsea coach reportedly issued harsh curse words to Klopp. This curse occurred before the Reds scored the second goal through a Trent Alexander-Arnold free-kick because Mateo Kovacic committed a foul.

“How can? There is no violation there! ” Lampard shouted and directed his anger at Klopp’s assistant, Pep Lijnders. “Sit down like that,” Lampard said again to Lijnders. At that time Jurgen Klopp tried to break up the dispute between Lijnders and Lampard. He also told Lampard to stay calm and not talk to his assistant. Klopp has not finished his words, instead reply to Lampard with sharp curses, “No, no, if he goes to me, I will say something!”

Lampard’s anger was muted by field official, Lee Mason, but again peaked when one of the Reds coaching staff was heard saying there had indeed been a violation. “That’s not a violation! I am not asking you (to speak). Shut up! ” At that moment, Klopp was provoked by his emotions and yelled to Lampard, “Hey!” “One title that you’ve won and you’re being arrogant!” Lampard replied again.


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‘F*ck off! Lampard vs Klopp’s furious in a touchline

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