French footballer banned after biting opponent’s penis during a match

An amateur footballer in France has been suspended from a local league for five years after biting an opposition player’s penis.

Footballer was suspended for five years in a local league in France for biting his opponents below the belt during a post-match fight.

According to a local news website in Lorraine, a player from each side started fighting, another a Terville player joined in, apparently trying to separate them. The Soetrich player responded by biting the peacemaker’s penis.

The two sides had drawn 1-1 when a fight broke out in the stadium car park shortly afterwards.

The Soetrich player involved in the fight responded by biting him in the penis, leaving the victim requiring 10 stitches.

He had to take four days off work and, incredibly, was also suspended from the league – but only for six months.

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