Frustrated Messi- Barcelona Can Be eliminated from the Champions League

Lionel Messi is really furious with the failure of his team, Barcelona champions the Spanish League. Worse, Barcelona also lost 1-2 from Osasuna in the 37th week, (07/17/2020).

Messi, who is also the team captain, also said that Barcelona could lose to Napoli if they did not change. Barcelona will face Napoli in the last 16 of the Champions League second leg.

“We need to take a break and forget this failure if we want to fight in the Champions League. We have to really change, otherwise, we will lose to Napoli,” Messi mentioned.

Frustrated, Messi

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Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli in the first leg in Naples. That result makes Barcelona only need to play a goalless draw in the second leg if they want to qualify.

But Barcelona’s current condition is uncertain. They failed to win the Spanish League title and reportedly was hit by internal chaos.

Messi also asked his team for introspection. We have to criticize ourselves. “We are Barcelona and have to win the game, no matter which one,” he completed.

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