Griezmann agrees Neymar to Barcelona

Antoine Grizman, striker Barcelona , welcomes the return of the Brazilian Neymar da Silva player St Germain, to the stadium “Camp Nou” again, although this may affect his chances mainly in the Barca squad.

Griezmann realizes that he is part of the Barcelona project to preserve the summit in the next five years, and that Neymar will be a strong reinforcement and will increase the quality of the Catalan team if the payoff of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez decreases in the future (due to their aging).

Griezmann says yes to Neymar’s return

According to the Spanish newspaper ” Mundo Deportivo “, Antoine Griezmann welcomes the arrival of Neymar to Barcelona, ​​although this will greatly affect the chances of the French player participating, as well as his native Dembele.

The Spanish newspaper explained: “It is true that the team will have 4-star high-level time in the offensive line, but Griezmann is looking with good eyes for Neymar’s arrival, as he believes that the better the quality, the better.”

“Griezmann knows that he may lose some importance, but he is fully aware that he has signed with Barcelona for 5 seasons, and as Messi and Suarez get older, their payoff may decrease, and by 2020 the two stars will cross the 33-year barrier.”

The newspaper mentioned, that Griezmann had a good relationship with Neymar, and the two expressed this via social networks, not to mention that they had the same close friends, such as Killian Mbappe, Felipe Lewis, Samuel Umtiti and others.

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