Hazard loses half of his market value after joining Real Madrid

The Belgian star Eden Hazard was unsuccessful in his first season with Real Madrid in all competition. This caused his market value to drop significantly. He was among the 10 most expensive players in the world previous season.

Eden Hazard arrived at Real Madrid last summer from Chelsea for 100 million euros, and he suffered an injury at the beginning of the season that kept him away for a month and a half from the stadium.

Hazard has played with Real Madrid only 15 games in various championships, during which he scored one goal, and made 4 others, and so far has completely failed to compensate for the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hazard, the world’s most expensive player

The market value of Hazard when he arrived in Real Madrid amounted to 150 million euros. According to the global transfer market, now his market value has decreased to 80 million euros only. Meaning that he lost half of its value.

According to the database of the famous website, Hazard is the top player whose market value has decreased in the last ten months. His value has decreased by 70 million euros, outperforming Neymar who witnessed a decrease in its price by 52 million.

According to website, his price has decreased in three phases. The first time he saw a decrease of 30 million euros in December of 2019. Secondly decreased by 20 million in the beginning of last March. In the last phase just after only a month his price fell again at the same value due to the pandemic of the Corona Virus like all other players.

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