“I am no longer surprised by Messi’s Performance” Sergio Ramos

Lionel Messi scores his 61st career free-kick goal; Ramos reveals reaction to dramatic Lionel Messi winner vs Lille

Ramos and Messi were rivals on opposite sides of the Clasico divide for many years in La Liga, playing for Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. In 2021, they both moved to PSG. In a recent match against Lille, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar scored for PSG, but Lille fought back and took a 3-2 lead. Mbappe scored again to level the score, and then Messi secured the win with a 94th-minute free kick.

The match was chaotic, with PSG’s sporting director, Luis Campos, briefly taking over from the manager on the touchline. The win ended PSG’s losing streak, but Neymar injured his ankle and may miss upcoming matches.

“I am no longer surprised by Messi,” Ramos told Amazon Prime after the Lille win. “At Barça, he was used to deciding games like he did today. I’m glad he’s on my team now. “Of course it’s better to have him as a teammate. Whoever you give the choice to, of having Messi with or against you, the response is quick and honest.”

Neymar praised Messi’s ability to decide games, saying he’s glad to have him as a teammate. Messi previously said it was “weird” to play with Ramos after years of rivalry, but thinks he’s a great person.

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