Kiran Chemjong ||Best Saves || Worldcup Qualifiers 2022 Against Kuwait

Kiran Chemjong best saves against Kuwait in the World Cup 2022 and Asian Cup 2023 Qualifiers. Kiran Chemjong’s display in the world cup and asian qualifiers has been amazing.

Kiran Chemjong (born 24 March 1990) who plays as a Goalkeeper for Minerva Punjab is also the captain for Nepal football team. He is the captain for Nepal football team from the beginning of the qualifiers. He is currently considered as the First Choice goalkeeper in Nepal. He has produced brilliant displays against oppositions bringing wide acclaims.

Watch the video of Kiran Chemjong against Kuwait in world cup qualifiers.

He is calm with the ball and has quite good reflexes and also good in the air. He does however have a weakness in judging high balls. Chemjong also has a height advantage being 6 ft 1 inches compared to the 5 ft 10 inch average of all players of the Nepali National football team.

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