La Liga Title, Barcelona Hopes Real Madrid to Lose

Luis Suarez revealed the main target of Barcelona in order to realize the desire to become champions of the Spanish League this season. The Barcelona striker insists his team must win the remaining three matches. Suarez added, besides trying to win the three matches, Barcelona also hoped that Real Madrid would defeat.

Barcelona just won when diving catalan derby match in the 35th week of the Spanish League continued on Thursday (07/09/2020).

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Barca Make Neighbor’s Team Degraded Playing at Camp Nou, Barca won 1-0 over Espanyol . The only Barcelona goal scored by Luis Suarez in the 56th minute. Thus, Barcelona who inhabits the second place standings are getting closer to getting the points Real Madrid who inhabit the top of the standings.

“Our goal is to win the remaining three matches then we wait for (Real Madrid) opponents to slip,” Luis Suarez said as quoted by Marca. “We are focused on thinking about our own matches,” he continued thus.

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Real Madrid Ready to Bury Asa Barcelona Meanwhile, Barcelona struggled to break down Espanyol’s goal. It was recognized by Luis Suarez because the opponent also performed well to escape relegation.

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