Luis Suárez “If they don’t like me, let them talk to me”

Luis Suárez appeared to have published an explanation, which he accepted through a formal interview in El País. The Uruguayan striker’s words are sincere and openly criticize the board and the head of sports management for leaking his name, as one of the possible exits this season. The 33 year old still has a one-year contract and no one has came to communicate with him.

“As long as they see me good player, I want to continue to do my best. Since I came to camp nau, I have felt the support of the people, which has given me a lot of strength. I will accept alternative roles because I have accepted throughout my career. f the coach thinks I have to start off the bench, then I can help the team play their role for me without any problem. I can still make a lot of contributions to this club.”

Barcelona lost to Bayern 8-2 in the quarter-final of the champions league 2019-20. Luis Suarez added on this lost “When it is lost like in Lisbon, we should all take responsibility. It is not fair to single out a player. Sometimes you want to personalize, but I don’t think anyone can question my commitment to Barcelona. Everything happened that day was a nightmare for us. It was hard for us to solve in the ground.”

“Some people talk about some of the names given by the president and can make some changes next season, but no one tells me they want to do it without me. If this is the club’s wish, then the person in charge should come and speak directly to me. I can talk to those who decide. Koman, I haven’t spoken to him yet. “

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