Luis Suarez, Liverpool and 2 Moments of Sadness

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez, apparently still saves grief because of two moments with Liverpool. He admitted sadly failed to win the Premier League with the Reds in 2014. 

Luis Suarez was also sad when several Liverpool supporters were angry at him for celebrating his goal against Liverpool in the first leg of the Luga Champions semifinal last season.

The Uruguayan spent three seasons with Liverpool. In his last season at Anfield, Liverpool almost won the Premier League, but ultimately failed after losing two points from the champions, Manchester City. 

After that, Luis Suarez moved to Spain to receive the Barcelona proposal.  

“In the last year when I played at Anfield, I was very sad for supporters (because Liverpool failed to win the league),” Suarez said, as reported by Mirror

“I also know that some Liverpool supporters are angry with me for celebrating my goal against them at Camp Nou and because of that I am sad. I accept that and I say hopefully understanding my situation. At that time we played at home and the Champions League semifinals.” 

“I enjoyed one of the best moments of my life there. I think supporters also did not forget how I behaved when I dressed in Liverpool. Now I hope they are happy with the Premier League trophy this year,” explained Luis Suarez . 

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