Manang Marshyangdi is happy with 3 wins

APF, Tribhuvan Army and Brigade Boys Club. The first three matches of Manang Marshyangdi Club in the Martyrs’ Memorial A Division League. Manang manages to win all three matches.

No game is very difficult for Manang, but whatever happened before the league started, it was not good for Manang. Most of the first-choice players, including captain Biraj Maharjan who won the league last season, left the club. Three foreign players were also out this time.

So Manang was interested in how they could perform. But Manang is bringing results in their own name, no matter what the game.

Manang, winning three games in a row against the APF and the title contenders Army and a brigade of young players, added three points and held the top spot. Second place Machhindra Club is 3 points behind.

Manang’s coach Fuja Tope also said that it is important to add 3 points per game as there is no team like before this time. We are very happy on three wins he added.

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