Messi against Lewandowski and Ter Stegen against Neuer : UCL 2019-20

Bayern is the club with the most wins in the German league (30 times, eight in a row with this 2019-20 season. It is also the strong club who won the most cup 20 times and the Super Cup seven times.

The historical urgency of Bayern’s intention to take remedial measures against Barcelona, ​​despite winning their last championship in 2015, Barcelona failed to capitalize on Leo Messi’s maturity in sports.

Messi vs Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is only one week away from his 32nd birthday, living his season of life. He has never scored such a high score on the court before (53 times, 13 points in this Champions League), nor has he achieved such a high average score (1.19 points per game).

Matthäus has placed him at the Messi level. The Polish striker has never won an international championship. He wore the Dortmund team jersey and played in the 2013 UEFA Champions League final. Robben stuned Dortmund 2-1 at the Wembley Stadium, he happened to lose out with Bayern.

After Messi has experienced so much torture, Messi is also accompanied by a desire for salvation. He is engaged in his business. He has scored 31 goals (although only 3 in the Champions League) and has distributed 27 assists this season. Despite being praised yesterday, “The Bartomeu government is tired and aware of Quice Setién’s ineffective influence-“Lewandowski is not up to Messi” -The Argentines have been fighting for too long.

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Ter Stegen vs Neuer

Ter Stegen vs Neuer

Barcelona realized that it had to meet Ter Stegen’s requirements to bleed. The Barcelona goalkeeper had already pushed his club to the limit at the age of 24, when he asked the entity to choose between him and Bravo. He knows he is the foundation of the team. Whether in a suit or in the dressing room. And he still does not understand why a similar status has not been achieved in Germany, and the eternal Manuel Neuer is still Joachim Love (Mannschaft) at the helm. ) Foreman. “I am the best,” Neuer declared again in an interview with publication 11 Freunde.

During his last visit to Dortmund in September 2019, Ter Stegen realized that his country was being criticized for being relegated to the national team, so he had no problem condemning the Bayern goalkeeper:« Nuyle is not fair. Ter Stegen can always extract data. According to data collected by Opta, he is the goalkeeper with the highest retention rate in this UEFA Champions League (81.5%), which is higher than Bayern’s Neuer’s 73.9%.

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