SAG Gold Medalists 2019 From Province 1 Honored

Province 1 government honoured SAG 2019 gold medalist footballers in Biratnagar with Rs.75,500 each.

Nepal defeated Bhutan 2-1 in the finals of men’s football match played at the Dasrath Stadium on December 2019. That victory for Nepal was also the joint highest record of four wins in the SAG history of men’s football. Pakistan nick-named Pak Shaheen have also 4 gold medals in SAG football.

Gold medalist players,
Sujal Shrestha (Dhankuta),
Bikash Khawas & Mikchhen Tamang (Morang),
Ananta Tamang, Sesehang Aangdembe & Rejin Subba (Jhapa),
Chirring Gurung (Ilam) and
Hemanta Thapa Magar (Sunsari)

Nepal u23 Team SAG 2019

They all received Rs.75,500 from Province 1 CM, Sher Dhan Rai. Also, 8 women football players were rewarded with Rs. 60,000 each for winning silver in the SAG Women’s Football 2019. Women’s Team were defeated by India in the final with 1-0 scoreline. Nepal Women’s Football has never got gold for Nepal in South Asian Games.

Nepal Men’s has equalled Pakistan’s record of joint highest title victory in men’s football which Pakistan won in 1989, 1991, 2004 and 2006. Likewise, Nepal, nick-named Gorkhali won the previous three gold medals in the first edition of the games in 1984 second in 1993 and the third in 2016 which was played in India. With 2019 gold, Nepal’s gold medal reached to 4 in South Asian Games.

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SAG Gold Medalists 2019 From Province 1 Honored

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