Nepal wins Maldives 2 – 1 in SAG 2019

Nepal Vs Maldives

Nepal football match on Saturday afternoon of 7th December, 2019 with Maldives was interesting to watch. Almost 16000+ spectators were present in the Dasarath Stadium to cheer the team.

Dasarath Stadium

The overwhelming presence of the supporters inspired the team to make a very good come back to the match after being hit a goal early in the match. The comeback of 2 goals helped Nepal make race to the final for the Gold of South Asian Games 2019.

The first goal was scored by Abhishek Rijal in the 43rd minute of the match while defender Ananta Tamang helped Nepal take a lead in the match in the 52nd minute of the match.

The audience were supportive throughout the match with Mexican wave and Viking’s clap.

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