No Rohit Chand In Persija’s Training Because of Lockdown In Nepal

Persija Jakarta’s Nepali mid-fielder Rohit Chand certainly is not available for Persija’s Training with his teammates. 28 years old Chand is currently in Nepal. He was back to his country when the Liga 1 was suspended due to an increasing number of COVID 19 cases.

Rohit is still in his hometown of Surkhet, Nepal. He is unable to join the Orange team anytime soon. Currently, Nepal is under lockdown and no international flights are operating. Because of this situation, Rohit had to wait until the flight open again.

The reason for this is that due to the intensification of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, Nepal is having lockdown rules. As a result, former T-team players could not return to Jakarta because the country did not open international flights.

Persija Club President Mohamad Prapanca “Rohit actually can’t wait to return to Jakarta to join his teammates. However, his flights to Jakarta are hindered by Nepal’s lock-down status. It is certain that Rohit will fly to Jakarta shortly after Nepal’s flight reopens.” quoted by Persija Official Webste.

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Rohit Chand has not been able to join Jakarta

“We are coordinating closely with coaches and foreign players who are still in their respective countries (including Rohit Chand),” added Prapanca. “It is certain that Chand will fly to Jakarta soon after flights from Nepal are re-open. I hope the situation in Nepal gets well soon.”

Maldini inspired Rohit will immediately join the capital’s club Jakarta once the international flights re-opens in Nepal. Preparation and hands-on training are for cooperationwith other colleagues in Persija Jakarta. The administration of Persija Jakarta have asked Jakmania’s supporters to wait patiently for Rohit Chand to return to Indonesia. Rohit Chand is in good health in Nepal. Chand is now in the negative of Corona virus. The test was conducted by Nepal’s Football Federation for National Team Players.

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