Now Players can be red-carded for coughing

Footballer players who intentionally cough towards an opponent could receive a red card. This is under new guidelines of COVID 19 published by the English Football Association (FA).

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) and the Football Association of England (FA) says “Any football player can have a red card if he/she intentionally coughs in front of an opposing player or sports official.”

The IFAB “The new rules are implemented because the coronavirus epidemic is still not over.” And there is a high risk of infection.  

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“If the referee finds out about such behaviour. He can warn the player and issue a red card,” the IFAB said in a statement.  

“If the incident is not serious, the referee may only issue a warning to the player, saying it is against the spirit of the game,” the FA said in a statement. 

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The guidelines are introduced as the country continues to ease out of lockdown.

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