Persija, Persib and Persebaya-The bloodiest Rivalry football in Asia

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Everyone reading this probably has a favourite football team. Being a supporter of one club means being expected to hate at least one other. 

Whether it’s an international football or club-level football, it has its share of games that get every fan excited. There is nothing sweeter than earning an important victory over your most hated rival. Especially if it happens at important matches. Rivalries in world football are special.

Here are the greatest rivalries in Indonesian football.

Persija jakarta vs Persib Bandung

The Football league in Indonesia almost always features hot competition between competing clubs. As the most popular sport with a lot of fans, football is never lonely from lively supporters who support teams in each city. From that support raises competition between clubs and supporters.

The Persib and Persija players clash in the 2018 League 1 match at the Gelora Stadium.

The high tension between supporters of Persija Jakarta and Persib Bandung is the hottest every time the two teams meet. The singing of mockery of the supporters, even causing casualties. The two teams are always in prestige when they meet. So, they are always in a rough game when they meet each other. Recorded in every game between Persija and Persib each team always gets more than 7 yellow cards and not infrequently a red card is obtained.

Persija and Persib Biggest Rivalry

In the second round of the Indonesian League in 2001. Persija supporters named the Jakmania received less favourable treatment from the Vikings. Clashes were inevitable that even resulted in injuries.
In fact, in the first round when Persija hosted Persib at the Lebak Bulus Stadium, The Jakmania graciously gave a speech to the Vikings. Since then, hatred has been planted and spread to every generation.
Every match that brings Persib against Persija will certainly cause friction between supporters. Since 2012, as many as seven people from both clubs have died due to clash between supporters.

Persija Jakarta vs Persebaya

It may not as hot as Persib, but the two teams with the biggest support fan base in Southeast Asia are among the strongest in Indonesia. The same when the two teams meet, they are always involved in high tension.
There is prestige at stake since Persija met with Persebaya in the 1950s. The most interesting meeting was in that early era in the race for the title.
Their last match in the final of Piala Gubernur Jatim 2020 was on February 20, 2020. The match from the start was running sharp and aggressive. There were many violations and a football player Ryuji Utomo got a red card.

Persija Jakarta vs Persebaya Surabaya

That match was finally won by Persebaya with a score of 4-1 but the match occurred a number of incidents which made the match stopped for a while. Both the team was supposed to meet each other in week 3 of Liga 1, 2020 but were stopped because of the Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia.

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