Ramos tells Piqué to stop ‘imagining things’ about VAR

Sergio Ramos asks Gerard Pique to be careful in giving comments. The Real Madrid defender did not accept his team claimed to be assisted by the referee throughout the season, but felt understood if there were bad rumors especially from the Barcelona player.

Few days ago, Gerard Pique said that Real Madrid would go smoothly in the rest of La Liga 2019-2020 because of ‘good friends’ with the match alias the referee.

Sergio Ramos, who knew about this, replied the claim. He asked that his duet in the back line of the Spanish national team not to look for excuses.

“It’s only natural that there are inconsequential comments from our rivals in situations like this. Because, Real Madrid is topping the standings,” Ramos said in an interview with Movistar after the match against Real Mallorca.

“Previously there were no accusations like this. After all, it’s not true. So, it’s good for Pique and people like him to not look for excuses,” he said again.

Real Madrid and Barcelona actually both collect 68 points. However, Los Blancos superior head to head so they have the right to top the La Liga standings.

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