Real Madrid Champions of LA Liga 2019-20

Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, assess the key to the success of his team won the Spanish League title this season is the figure of coach, Zinedine Zidane.

Ramos analogizes Zidane to the captain of Real Madrid. Real Madrid ensured the Spanish League title after a 2-1 victory over Villarreal in the match week 37, (07/16/2020). Real Madrid title feels more perfect after eternal rivals as well as its closest competitor, Barcelona, ​​defeat.

Barcelona unexpectedly lost 1-2 when entertaining Osasuna at the Camp Nou Stadium. Two results that make Real Madrid entitled to the Spanish League title even though the competition still leaves one more week. Real Madrid currently leads with 86 points and seven points ahead of Barcelona in second.

Real Madrid have won LaLiga for the 34th time in their history after beating Villarreal 2-1 .

After lifting the Spanish League championship trophy, Ramos immediately praised Zidane who he said held the most important role in the success of Real Madrid this time. “Zidane is the key to this success. He is the captain of the Real Madrid ship,” Ramos added.

The reaction of Coach and Players after Real Madrid crowned Champion of La Liga 2019-20


“I had my role to play. I believe in the players and I’m just happy for them because they’re a group of humans before footballers. They’re good people.
“I’m just happy, I’m just very content.”

Sergio Ramos hails Zidane
“This is a prize for our hard work. This is the reward. To win 10 games in a row deserves a lot of credit.
“It’s a strange season. Our objective was clear. We wanted to win every game after the restart. We wanted to depend on ourselves. It’s difficult to win every game. You can’t win these matches easily. This is the reward for all our hard work “Zidane has been key. He’s the captain of the ship. He put a lot of faith in all his players and we’ve felt protected. He’s a unique coach.
“I’d like to finish my career here. I’m sure there won’t be any problem.”

Thibaut Courtois reaction

“To come back from lockdown and win 10 games in a row… I remember saying before we came back I had full confidence in our ability to win all our games.”


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