Real Madrid’s plan to contract Mbappe and Halland together

Real Madrid aims to sign Paris St Germain , Killian Mbappe , and Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Halland .

The club believes that the attack line will be great by the presence of the French and Norwegian. They can play together and provide a real addition to the Real Madrid attack.

Real Madrid aims to get Mbappe and Halland

The Spanish newspaper, Defense Central, indicated that Real Madrid aims to annex Mbappe and Halland at the same time. After the duo contributed to scoring 70 goals and making 26 others this season. These are numbers that the team deems necessary to improve the scoring side. With no player in the current list has this record.

According to the newspaper, the club loves the players’ behaviour on the field. They haven’t received cards, and they are not known for rough play. This means that Real Madrid will depend on them continuously.

Real Madrid is ready to pay 180 million euros to join Mbappe, despite the statements made by Daniel Bendit, who confirmed the price of the Paris St Germain striker to 35 or 40 million euros. Which will prompt the French club to give up its star to Real Madrid.

For Halland, Real Madrid will have to pay the € 75m penalty clause, which is a very appropriate number for his 40 goals this season.

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