Nepal International Rohit Chand arrived in Jakarta, ready to join Persija

Before “Liga 1 2020” will be resumed, it is good news for the supporters of Persija Jakarta namely The Jak Mania. Nepal international Rohit Chand has arrived in the capital of Indonesia.

Maldini inspired Chand was eagerly waited by Jak Mania to prepare for the continuation of Persija Jakarta’s 2020 league. Jak Mania finally got good news about the clarity of a Persija Jakarta player Rohit Chand. Rohit Chand who was waited by Jak has finally got a reply.

Due to the lockdown in Nepal, there were no flights for Chand to return back to Indonesia. Persija Management provided him with a business class ticket to get back to Jakarta. Persija started training for Liga 1 a month back but Rohit Chand was in his hometown Surkhet in Nepal.

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Rohit Chand in Jakarta for 2020 Liga 1

Rohit Chand, Persija’s midstream player arrived in Jakarta on September 23, 2020. Ratna Mustika the agent of Rohit Chand confirmed this news through her Instagram upload. In her Instagram post, she has written- Welcome Back Rohit Chand, The Himalayan Tiger.

The Persija Jakarta team is increasingly confident in the continuation of League 1. Since the end of August, Persija Jakarta players have been undergoing training. In the continuation of League 1 2020, Persija will challenge Persipura Jayapura on October 3. The Persipura Jayapura vs. Persija Jakarta match will be held at the Gajayana Stadium in Malang, East Java. The physical condition of the players is very good, which is equally important, and the condition of the team is also very good and harmonious.

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