Rohit Chand returns to training with Persija

Rohit Chand, a member of the Persija Jakarta, has participated in the practice session of the club. Rohit returned to Persija’s practice session after six months after the corona virus pandemic. He participated in the capital team training on (26/9/2020) at NYTC field, West Java.

Rohit, who reached Indonesia’s capital two days ago, has passed the medical procedure and joined the training. Club Jakarta had started the training amont ago. Rohit was still in his hometown Nepal when the international flight did not start.

“After six months I finally returned to training with Persija,” said Rohit as quoted by Although Chand has just joined the team, he admits that he has no difficulty adapting, especially from his physical point because when he was in Nepal, he continued to train independently.

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Rohit Chand Back to Persija Jakarta’s training after 6 months

Rohit’s return was warmly welcomed by Persija’s coach Sudirman. He said that Chand will once again find his best with the ball. He said: “Of course, I am satisfied with Rohit’s return to team training because Rohit was previously restricted by Nepal’s lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.”

Coach Sudirman added, “Rohit has been an important player for Persija Jakarta in the past few years. With his return, our midfield will be more perfect and mature.”

Rohit Chand after a six month long break in football, it is going to be difficult for player to return in the field. Persija is playing their first match against Persipura on October 3 2020. “Of course, it is not easy, but I will try to return to the original performance. I myself have prepared a lot and promise that I will continue to give my best in the competition.”

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