Rohit Chand joined Persija Jakarta; Marco Motta Has Not Joined yet

The continuation of the Indonesian first league 2020 is only a few days away. Persija Jakarta’s foreign player Marco Motta does not seem to have joined the team. Another foreign player from Nepal, Rohit Chand trained together with his team-mates after six months.

In addition to Rohit Chand, two other foreign players, Marko Simic and Marc Klok also participated in Persija training. Rohit Chand, known as the Himalayan Tiger, joined the team late as he was stuck in his home country of Nepal due to the non-availability of international flights. Rohit Chand’s presence complements Persija Jakarta’s position as a foreign player in the Liga 1 Indonesia.

Now, Persija only left foreign players who did not join the training is Italian player Marco Mota. Persija Jakarta is still trying to persuade Marco Motta to accept a new contract before the return of La Liga in 2020. President Persia, Mohamad Prapanca, admitted that the two parties have not yet reached an agreement on a new contract.

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Marco Motta future with Persija Jakarta

Mohamad Prapanca, President of Persija, said: “We are currently renegotiating with regard to Marco Motta, we hope that Mota will accept this situation. So far, no decision made,”

When Marco Motta showed extraordinary performance in the field, he was believed to have successfully hypnotized Jakmania. Until now, management is still trying to renegotiate with Motta in accordance with the rules applicable to the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI).

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