Indonesian League Postponed: Rohit Chand and the team off for four days

Indonesian League Postponed for the second time;
PSSI and PT LIB postponed the rolling of Liga 1 2020. Nepal international Rohit Chand and Persija Jakarta are affected by the postponing of the league. Liga 1 2020, which was ready to prepare for the kick-off, has been postponed again.

Himalayan Tiger and Kemayoran Tigers had started training for the first duel against Arema FC on October 3. Persija manager Bambang Pamungkas said that after receiving high-intensity training in the past two weeks, players have the opportunity to rest. 

Bambang Pamungkas said: “After coordinating with the coaching staff, we decided to take the team off for four days. Previously, they received intensive training before returning to the league.” 

It is believed that this postpone may last for a month. Due to the postponement of 2020 Liga 1 announced three days before the start of the tournament, the disappointment cannot be eliminated.

Due to this delay, some clubs eventually gave their teams a break in order to give players a break. Mid-fielder Rohit Chand joined the club just a week ago, after a 6-month long break due to the corona pandemic.

However, even if the league is put off, Rohit Chand and all Persija Jakarta players have received training materials at home. This is to keep fit and healthy during the holidays.

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