Rohit Chand and Persija players took swab test before the League 1 2020

Newly arrived foreign recruit Rohit Chand, Persija players, and officials underwent a swab test in Depok, West Java, on Monday. Persija Jakarta is returning to the field in a few days. In the continuations of League 1 2020, Persija is playing their 3rd match against Arema on October 3, 2020.

Persija returned to perform the health procedure, a swab test in Depok, West Java. This activity is the obligation of every club to sail in “Liga 1 2020”. The Covid-19 test conducted for Persija players and officials is the second time. 

In the first test of COVID 19, all the players and officials were tested negative. Dr. Donny Kurniawan SpKO, a doctor of the Persija team, said that the swab test will be an activity for the entire team in the 2020 League 1 campaign.

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Persija Players and officials swab collection for COVID 19 test

He said: “We have been reminding players about the importance of complying with health protocols.”  Dr. Downey added, “The most important thing is to keep physical distance, wearing a mask and washing hands. So far, all players and officials have followed this rule.” 

Liga Indonesia schedule has been changed but it is not a problem for Persija. They are ready to face any team who continues to play in 2020 League 1. Persija Jakarta were supposed to play against Persipura Jayapura on October 3 but after the new shedule they will meet Arema FC.

Persija actually played against Arema in the preseason in the 2020 East Java Governor’s Cup. The two teams met at Kanjuruhan Stadium in the group stage and had to draw with the final score 1-1. Riko Simanjuntak acored and listed Persija’s name on the scoreboard, and Arema’s left-back Johan Ahmad Fabrizi scored equilizer against the orange team.

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