Rohit Chand’s Own Way of Avoiding Boredom In Jakarta

Nepal International Rohit Chand is currently in Jakarta. The temporary suspension of the Liga 1 Indonesia 2020 competition due to the Corona virus has made many Persija Jakarta players stay at home. They also practice independently at home according to instructions from the trainer. Here is the interview of Rohit Chand taken from Persija Jakarta.

It is not uncommon for players to encounter a bored situation, Persija Jakarta midfielder Rohit Chand has his own way of avoiding that boredom. He is currently diligently filling the void of time by reading a lot of books. Rohit himself decided not to return to his country, Nepal.

“Yes, recently I am very happy to read biographies of famous people. This method is one way to get rid of boredom now. Moreover, my book collection is also very large, “said the Nepalese midfielder.

Not to forget, Rohit also likes listening to music. Moreover, one of the benefits of listening to music can ward off stress and make the mind more focused.

“When I’m bored I also often listen to Indian music and Nepali music. Nepali and Indian music have been my favorite music so far, “he added.

In addition, he often communicates with his colleagues in Persija. He did this to maintain his longing feeling since he had not met for almost two months.

“I also video calls with Persija players like Klok or Simic. Asking their news and their busy activities. “My family and relatives in Nepal also often contact because I cannot go home because there is a total lockdown,” he concluded.

Rohit Chand’s Own Way of Avoiding Boredom In Jakarta

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