Sapan Basnet explains-What exactly does ‘offside’ in football mean?

Born in year 2058 BS in Lalitpur, Sapan Basnet is the youngest referee of ANFA.

It has been only three years since he started his career as a referee. Sapna who has played with almost all FIFA and national referees has also handled big competitions. He managed to become the best referee of ANFA in 2019. Basnet managed to get in the first place in 36 participants.

Sapan has already officiated matches of football in district level games, Mayor’s Cup, Gold Cups, National Level Kwik’s Cup, Jai Nepal Cup. Young Basnet has also officiated the friendlies matches of A Division Clubs in Nepal.

Sapan Basnet In The Middle

What ‘offside’ in football mean?

Offside is one of the laws of association football, codified in Law 11 of the Laws of the Game. 

In football, one of the most regular stoppages in the match is a player being ruled “offside”.  It is one of the most controversial rules in world football that has sparked a debate among football fans. THE offside law is one of the most fundamental rules of football but the offside law continues to cause controversy on a regular basis.

So what exactly is the offside rule?

The laws of football state that a player will be offside when they are in the opponents’ half and any part of their head, body or legs is closer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent. But this is not enough to understand the offside rule, there is still deeper to go and understand the offside law.

Here is a video explanation from Sapan Basnet to guide you exactly what the offside rule according to Football Association and FIFA provisions.

Sapan Basnet Talking About Laws of the Game and Consideration on Offside

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