The devastating statistics of Barcelona in neutral ground

The COVID 19 pandemic left European football to play the UEFA Champions League and Europa League on neutral ground, and also to change the venue for the finals held at Istanbul Ataturk Stadium. The UEFA Champions League matches will be played as a single match at the Jose Avalad Stadium and Daluz Stadium in Lisbon.

Barcelona faces the almighty Bayern, they will not make things easier, and in this game and the level shown by the Bayern team, Barcelona’s downturn keeps Barcelona away from home. In the past two legs, the opponent has been more complex.

Well, from Guardiola’s first year in charge to the present, Barcelona has played against their numbers in a neutral game. Some numbers that fans can dream of make this atypical UEFA Champions League semi-final ticket very “green”.

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Barcelona v Bayern Munich: Champions League 2019/20

In the past 11 years of the Champions League, the team played 3 games neutrally. These games are the three finals he participated in and won. In 2009, Rome played against Manchester United 2-0. 2011 Wembley, played against Manchester United 3-1. In 2015 Berlin played against Juventus 3-1. In three games, they have a total of 8 goals.

Copa del Rey matches, Barcelona played 9 games, equivalent to the 9 finals it has participated in since 2009. Their statistics are very good, this is that they won six of the nine finals and scored 22 goals, only conceded 8 goals against. In Iniesta’s farewell victory over Seville 5-0, or 1-4 farewell to the famous Athletic Bilbao in Mestalla, the goals are Touré Yaya and Stellar Messi.

World Cup club Barça’s record in this competition is shocking. They have played 6 games and has won all six games, scoring 19 goals and only 2 against. In order to demonstrate the strength of the 2009 final against the Prata Stadium, Guardiola’s lads lost to Pedro Rodríguez (with this goal, they will become a six-game match The only player to score) was tied in the 88th minute. Then Messi took the chest and overwhelmed the final 2-1. This statistics is taken from the article of

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