This Technology Makes Stadiums in LaLiga Look Full

LA LIGA fans were delighted by the return of Spanish football

Sports are gradually returning to our TV screens after the coronavirus pandemic brought virtually all competition around the world to a sudden halt. 

The broadcast of La Liga matches accompanied by a virtual crowd noise feature as well as an overlay of computer-generated fans in the empty stadium.

La Liga, Spain’s top football/soccer division, is taking a different approach. The league returned and anyone watching at home might have done a double-take to confirm that the stadium wasn’t full. La Liga is collaborating with EA Sports to pipe in reactive crowd noise. Similarly, Norwegian broadcasting tech company Vizrt has provided visuals to give the impression of a live audience.

No spectators were allowed to come to the stadium. As a result, stadium stand empty, as well as the vacancy of the stands, was in fact slightly damaged the charm and atmosphere of football on the screen.

Spanish soccer returns with computer-generated crowds

They worked closely with VIZRT and EA SPORTS . The three parties are trying to create a football atmosphere similar to the original virtually. Not only images but also sound effects resembling supporters to create an artificial atmosphere like a stadium filled with supporters. Launch Marca , LaLiga, VIZRT, and EA SPORTS use Mediapro 3D technology which is assisted with sophisticated cameras at each end of the stadium.

“We have a history of being at the forefront of broadcasting,” LaLiga Communications Director Joris Evers said. “We have been the pioneers of various technologies to make LaLiga look great on the screen and give fans feel close to the game, wherever they are.”

This Technology Makes Stadiums in LaLiga Look Full

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