Top 10 most overrated footballers: Messi, Ronaldo and more

Overrated footballers To achieve this we’re calling on, which allows visitors of their website to either down-vote, up-vote or add candidates to a series of lists ranging from sport, music, films and more.

The list we’re calling upon today is: ‘Top Ten Most Overrated Football (Soccer) Players of All-Time’ and we’ve drawn out the top 50 players as the voting stood at the time of writing.

10. Neymar

9. Paul Pogba

8. Iker Casillas

7. Edin Dzeko

6. Paulinho

5. Lionel Messi 

4. Mario Balotelli

3. Shinji Kagawa

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Radamel Falcao

Messi and Ronaldo finish so highly, but only because the fans of one automatically likely up-voted the other and vice verse.

Neymar and Pogba have been hurt by their public images here, despite the fact they’re two of the most talented player.

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