UEFA Releases the Ball for the 2020 Champions League Final

UEFA has released a ball that will be used in the Champions League final match this season. The top party of the most prestigious inter-club competition on mainland. Europe will be held at the Atatuerk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey.

Adidas as the ball producer, named the round leather as Istanbul 20. The name is certainly inseparable from the intention to accentuate the city of Istanbul. Which will host two European club’s best duels this season. Not just a name, a characteristic of one of the cities. Turkey is also trying to be displayed in the style of the Istanbul 20 ball.

Reporting from the official UEFA website , the star shape that characterizes the Champions League ball, will be surrounded by patterns that depict a map of the city of Istanbul. Impressively, the intricate design of the city map of Istanbul, which uniquely bridges two continents, Europe and Asia, is drawn by hand.

Meanwhile, a striking purple gradation is said to be inspired by the sunset over the river that runs from east to west of the city of Istanbul. Istanbul 20 will be used since the last 16 of the Champions League. The players at the Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool and Dortmund vs Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) matches will be the first to taste the Istanbul 20 ball in official matches.

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