Van Persie Reveals Arsenal’s Weaknesses

Arsenal are still fluctuating performance after the competition began again. Former player, Robin Van Persie revealed the weaknesses of the Gunners.

Arsenal’s last four games, Aubameyang et al twice won and twice lost. Finally, they struggled to beat Sheffield United in the FA Cup quarterfinals.

For former Arsenal players, Robin Van Persie, the Gunners have weaknesses about the backline. The Arsenal defender judged less prepared to break the attack and helpless when facing the dead ball.

“Already five months ago, Arsenal were so vulnerable to facing set pieces,” Van Persie said as reported by BT Sport.

Van Persie was always nervous when watching an Arsenal match when facing a dead ball situation. Whether from a corner or free-kick, the Arsenal defender is considered difficult to anticipate.

“The defenders are also not fast enough to close the space and not good to keep their zones. That is what makes Arsenal always difficult to win,” said Van Persie.

“If they still want to get a trophy, they must fix their backline. Arsenal defender must level up,” concluded the man from the Netherlands who recorded 278 appearances and 132 goals for Arsenal

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