Vote Your Best Footballer of Nepal 2019/20

Who is the best footballer of Nepal currently?

To know about the best footballer of Nepal in 2019-20 Futbol Fans Nepal started a voting campaign. 35+ good players were in the initial phase of voting. All 35+ footballers were selected from their previous performance of 2019.

After completing 75% of voting which were done by Nepali Football Fans, they have reduced the players to 5. Now, the remaining players in the final stage of voting are 5.

Top 5 Nepali Footballer List

  1. Kiran Chemjong
  2. Rohit Chand
  3. Ananta Tamang
  4. Abhishek Rijal
  5. Bimal Gahrti Magar

Now, choose Your Best Footballer among 5 By Voting Your Best According to their performance in 2019. To participate in the voting, you can visit this link.

After visiting the link, vote and give your opinion on the best footballer of Nepal according to their latest performance in Nepali Football.

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Video: Kiran Chemjong Best Saves

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