We will sign Lionel Messi : Inter Milan 😱

Lionel Messi could be in line for a sensational move to Inter Milan – with shirt sponsors Pirelli claiming they’d “help” contribute to a transfer.

 Marco Tronchetti, CEO of famous Pirelli, one of the main sponsors of Inter Milan, said that the company may help Nerazzurri to achieve the greatest dream of contracting with Lionel Messi the Barcelona’s legend.

Sportsmail reported that the Argentine superstar is stalling over a new deal with the Spanish giants amid a chaotic season for Barcelona – with his current contract set to expire at the end of next season.

Why Lionel Messi Could Complete A Stunning Move To Inter Milan

The tyre company may be asked to partly fund a potential deal in the same way Italian carmakers Fiat drove Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018.

 Barcelona because of his continuing problems with the management of the club, in addition to the poor level that the team has become.

Inter Milan is considered one of the clubs that wanted to include Lionel Messi for a while, and now it may be time to win the services of the Argentine star.

Inter Milan shirt sponsor vows to help fund potential Lionel Messi transfer

“Truly , at this particular time, we cannot invest in sport more than we are, between Formula One, Inter Milan and America’s Cup,” Marco Tronchetti said.

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