Will Messi leave Barcelona?

Talking about the future of Barcelona star Lionel Messi has become impossible recently, as the fans of Blaugrana have lived through difficult times. The Argentine star got into a fight with the former team player and his current technical secretary, Eric Abidal, a behavior that is not familiar with the Polga.

Verbal between Abidal and Messi , opened the door of rumors about the possibility of the departure of the flea Argentina for Albulaojerana , which is already put in many times in the past, but always seemed impossible given a scenario of close ties that bring the two parties.

And a wide group of followers believes that the devil entered into the details of the renewal of the Argentine star contract, which he decided to be annually starting next summer, as the Bulgas have the right to leave at the end without referring to the administration, but provided that they are informed one month before his decision.

The same category believes that Messi is already planning something to overthrow the administration, which it does not value morally as required, and therefore the Polga may take the step of rivals in the green rectangle Cristiano Ronaldo, whether by joining Paris Saint-Germain or even building an exceptional partnership with the Madeira missile in Juventus.

Messi’s end with Barcelona is not close:

The truth is that Messi’s departure is not an option at the present time. Argentinian flea is closely linked to the club that pulled him out of the disease journey, and showed his talent to the whole world. Not to mention that he gets the highest salary of a football player in the world, and lives like kings in Barcelona Castle.

In addition to this, the Argentine star is not a fan of going out of his comfort zone, like Cristiano Ronaldo, but rather a player who loves stability, which is evident in his personal and family life. He is still linked to his childhood friend Antonella Roccozo, and he also pays great attention to his children in his statements .

The potential return of Neymar da Silva next summer will push the Bulga to stay in Barcelona for other seasons, with the aim of crowning the Champions League title before his sun tends towards sunset.

The recent decline in the level of Barca, in addition to concern about the future of the team, the talk about the end of this generation and the need for a new revolution, are matters that make Lionel Messi wait a little before leaving the Catalan team.

Messi’s departure at this difficult time for Barcelona will surely be reckoned with. And he will support the theory of those who say that his team made him a legend and not the other way around. As he had the reputation that he became famous after that.

Messi will also appear in front of the fans as the fugitive who left the team with the first administrative crisis, and all of this will greatly affect his legend, which he made with his accomplishments and goals, which means that the current timing is not appropriate for anything but continuation.

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