“Lionel Messi is the best that has ever played”

Erling Haaland believes Lionel Messi is the greatest to have ever played football

Manchester City’s Erling Haaland showed humility and admiration for football legend Lionel Messi as he responded to questions regarding individual awards. Despite an impressive season, Haaland narrowly missed out on coveted accolades to Messi, who secured his eighth Ballon d’Or in November 2023.

The Norwegian striker, renowned for his goal-scoring prowess, gracefully acknowledged Messi’s unparalleled talent, referring to him as ‘the best that’s ever played’. Despite Haaland’s remarkable contributions to European football, he expressed disappointment in missing out on individual recognition, notably the Ballon d’Or and FIFA Best Player awards.

Journalists probed whether Messi’s retirement would pave the way for Haaland to dominate award ceremonies. With a subtle smile, Haaland addressed the perennial debate surrounding Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, conceding that Messi’s retirement might create opportunities for emerging talents to vie for the title of football’s best player.

Haaland’s response exemplifies sportsmanship and respect for football icons like Messi, despite personal aspirations for recognition. While he continues to dazzle on the pitch, Haaland remains focused on achieving team success and contributing to Manchester City’s pursuit of silverware.

In the dynamic landscape of football, Haaland’s sentiments underscore the cyclical nature of talent and the enduring legacy of players like Messi. As the sport evolves, new stars emerge, but the reverence for football’s greatest remains unwavering.

Haaland’s words serve as a reminder of the timeless brilliance embodied by players like Messi, inspiring future generations to strive for excellence while honoring the legends who paved the way. With humility and determination, Haaland continues his journey, poised to leave his indelible mark on the beautiful game.

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