Latest Updates: Barcelona’s Hopes of Lionel Messi’s Remarkable Barcelona Return

Many people want Lionel Messi to return to Barcelona, including fans, media, and the manager. However, there are many obstacles that need to be overcome before this can happen. Barcelona’s decision-makers, including President Joan Laporta, know this better than anyone. Laporta previously decided that Messi was too expensive to keep, despite previously assuring him that a deal was in place. Messi currently has a contract offer from Paris St-Germain. There are also doubts about their future plans, leading to hopes that Messi could return to Barcelona.

Many people are focused on Messi potentially returning to Barcelona. He is a beloved player and his return could bring back some prestige to the club. However, Barcelona is also facing charges of corruption over payments made to a former vice president of Spain’s referees’ committee. Some media outlets have suggested is being overlooked. La Liga President Javier Tebas is in a difficult position, as he wants Messi to return but cannot change the rules for him. He hopes Barcelona can make the necessary moves to make space for Messi, like: selling players, but there will be no rule changes. The relationship between Barcelona and Tebas is tense. There is little room for diplomacy due to their differing views on the European Super League.

Messi’s Desire to Return to Barcelona and Future Options

Messi is eager to return to Barcelona, which was his home for about 18 years and where he became a footballing legend. He is seen as a key part of Barcelona manager Xavi’s future plans, which is important to him. A former teammate believes there is a 90% chance that Messi will return to Barcelona and has suggested he play in either an offensive midfielder or top-of-diamond formation.

However, an issue is how his departure from the club in 2021 was handled, and while Messi may forgive, he is unlikely to forget. He still harbors mistrust towards some key directors who were involved in his departure. Although there are many options available to Messi, including a lucrative offer of around 400 million euros to play in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, there are also less financially attractive options from Major League Soccer (MLS). There is also a deal on the table from his current club, PSG, but there are doubts about the team’s future sporting plans.

Likelihood of Messi’s Return to Barcelona: Exploring the Possibility

It is likely that Messi will return to Barcelona if the club has the final say. The media has been reporting on stories such as his family sending back possessions from France. Similarly, his children being registered in a Barcelona school, which suggests a potential return. Messi has also been seen socializing with old friends and teammates from Barcelona. While Barcelona continues to explore the possibility of his return and Xavi believes it will happen. The reality is that the club has not yet offered any concrete deal to Messi and his team. In the end, if Barcelona can find a way to bring him back, Messi would likely be open to returning to his former home.

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