Nepal vs. Bahrain: Live Updates from FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2026

Nepal vs. Bahrain Two-Leg Matches

Nepal vs Bahrain – World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

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Nepal and Bahrain are gearing up for a historic encounter in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2026. This pivotal match takes place in Group H of the second round of qualifiers, featuring Nepal, Bahrain, UAE, and Yemen.

Nepal finds itself in a challenging position, yet to secure a win in the qualifiers. Meanwhile, Bahrain recently showed their prowess in the Asian Cup 2023, making them a formidable opponent.

The match, scheduled to kick off at 12:45 PM Nepali time and 22:00 UTC, will be broadcast exclusively on our website, Fans can also access live updates through the website’s navigation menu or stay tuned to this page.

Nepal vs Bahrain Live Match Leg 1 of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2026

In their first-ever encounter, Nepal faces Bahrain on their home turf. While past encounters may hint at previous outcomes, it’s crucial to recognize that Bahrain’s team dynamics have evolved significantly since then.

Despite Nepal’s youthful squad, they face a tough challenge against Bahrain’s experienced and resilient team. Stay tuned as we bring you live coverage of this historic match.

Nepal vs. Bahrain Two-Leg Matches

Nepal vs. Bahrain Two-Leg Matches

Date Time Venue Live Link
March 22, 2024 (12:45 PM Nepali) (22:00 UTC) Bahrain National Stadium, Riffa Live
March 28, 2024 (12:45 PM Nepali) (22:00 UTC) Bahrain National Stadium, Riffa Live

Join us online to witness the action unfold, as Nepal takes on Bahrain in a clash of determination and skill. Let’s cheer for our team and hope for a thrilling performance on the field.

Group H Standings
Position Team Matches Played Points
1 UAE 2 6
2 Bahrain 2 3
3 Yemen 2 3
4 Nepal 2 0

Nepal Football: Struggles and Hopes in FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

In the midst of a challenging period, Nepal’s national football team faces a daunting task in the FIFA World Cup AFC Qualification 2026. With recent defeats highlighting vulnerabilities, the team prepares for a crucial double-header against Bahrain. Despite setbacks, Nepal’s resolve remains strong as they confront the odds with determination and teamwork. Amidst coaching changes and systemic issues within ANFA, the road ahead for Nepal football demands collective efforts towards meaningful reforms. The team’s performance reflects broader challenges, emphasizing the need for sustained action to propel Nepal football towards brighter horizons.

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