Nepal vs Chinese Taipei Head-to-Head

Chinese Taipei is the name for Taiwan. Nepal football team first played against Chinese Taipei in an International Friendly on June 06 2019. The head coach for Nepal was Johan Kalin, Nepal football team scored goal against Chinese Taipei and played 1-1 draw, it was Kalin’s first goal for Nepal under his coaching.

Nepal got to play 2 more games with Chinese Taipei in World Cup Qualifiers 2022 dated on 10 September 2019 and 26 March 2020.

You can see the results of the matches between Nepal and Chinese Taipei below.

06 Jun 2019 Chinese Taipei vs NepalD1-1International Friendly
10 Sep 2019 Chinese Taipei vs NepalW0-2World Cup Qualifiers 2022
26 March 2020Nepal vs Chinese TaipeiWorld Cup Qualifiers 2022

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