Pakistan to Play African Four-Nation Tournament Ahead of SAFF Championship 2023

Pakistan to Compete in African Four-Nation Tournament before SAFF Championship 2023

Pakistan’s national football team is gearing up for a four-nation tournament in Mauritius next month as part of their preparations for the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship. The tournament, scheduled from June 8, will feature matches against the host nation Mauritius, Kenya, and Djibouti, providing the team with valuable match practice ahead of the SAFF Championship 2023 in India.

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has finalized the participation agreement with SAFF, confirming their involvement in the four-nation tournament. The tournament will take place during the FIFA international window in June. This will offer an excellent opportunity for the national team to fine-tune their skills and gain valuable experience.

The tournament is scheduled to run for 10 days, enabling Pakistan to compete against strong opponents from Africa. This exposure will be crucial for the team’s performance in the upcoming SAFF Championship. The championship is to be held in India from June 21 to July 4. In the SAFF Championship, Pakistan has been placed in Group A alongside Nepal, and Kuwait, and their opening match will be against arch-rivals India.

In terms of travel and security arrangements, Ehsan-ur-Rehman, the Minister for IPC, has expressed no objections to the team traveling to India. Similarly, they have requested proper documentation from the PFF Normalization Committee. Assurances have also been given by Shaji Prabhakaran, the AIFF General Secretary, regarding the necessary security arrangements for hosting the Pakistan team in Bengaluru, the designated host city.

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Talented Footballer Easah Suliman Changes National Eligibility to Join Pakistan’s Squad

Pakistan has received FIFA’s approval to change the national eligibility of talented footballer Easah Suliman from England. This development will strengthen the team’s talent pool and add depth to their squad.

When is the Pakistan football team participating in a four-nation tournament?

A: The Pakistan football team is set to participate in a four-nation tournament in Mauritius from June 8.

Who are the opponents in the tournament?

The national team will be playing against the hosts Mauritius, Kenya, and Djibouti in the tournament.

What is the significance of this tournament for the national team?

This tournament provides valuable match practice for the team before the upcoming SAFF Championship in India.

Which teams are Pakistan grouped within the SAFF Championship 2023?

Pakistan is grouped with Nepal, India, and Kuwait in Group A of the SAFF Championship 2023.

Is there any concern regarding the team’s travel to India for the SAFF Championship?

Has FIFA granted approval for a player to change national eligibility for Pakistan?

Yes, FIFA has approved the change of national eligibility for talented footballer Easah Suliman from England, which will strengthen Pakistan’s talent pool and squad.

How does Pakistan aim to perform in the upcoming tournaments?

By participating in the four-nation tournament and the SAFF Championship, Pakistan aims to show its footballing prowess and make a mark on the regional and international stage.

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