Huge hike in Salary of Rohit Chand

As we all know about Rohit chand’s achievement in club football in Indonesian league. He has been in an amazing form in the Indonesian league. The league champion Persija Jakarta has recently signed an agreement with Rohit Chand.

As per the speculation going around Rohit chand. He is expected to get a salary of around 8 to 9 thousand dollars. This means that he will be receiving about 10 lakh rupees per month. This has all been possible because of his hard-work in the foreign soil.

Rohit’s contribution in making Persija the champion of for the very first time made him the best player in the league. Then, he demanded the hike in salary which was initially denied by the new coach. Meanwhile, the performance of the team was not as expected. At the same time, Rohit’s fan base in Persija even ran a campaign in social media to bring Rohit back into the team.

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