Nepal No1 Kiran Chemjong: Received His Golden Gloves

Nepali National Football Team’s goalkeeper Kiran Kumar Chemjong had won the title of the ‘best goalkeeper’ in the Maldives on 28th December 2018. TC Sports coach Mohamed Nizam had received the award from Man United legend Peter Schemeichal on behalf of Chemjong during Maldives Football Awards 2018.  He finally got his golden gloves in Nepal. He was very happy and excited to receive the beautiful golden gloves on his hand. He was feeling energetic and positive on doing more hard work. He’ll continue to do the best he can for his team.

Chemjong had played a crucial role in handing TCS Sports Club Dhivehi Premier League — Maldives’ top flight league football title. On his way to Dhivehi title glory, Chemjong kept 11 clean sheets out of 16 league games. in association with football association of Maldives organized the award function.

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