Q & A with Nepal U-16 Sushil Adhikari

The charm for football among youth is inexplicable. Nepal football has been stronger in the age groups as compared to the senior’s for a very long time. But, the problem lies in the continuity of the young players from the age groups to the senior team. 

This Q and A here is of  Mr. Sushil Adhikari who has represented Nepal U15 and U16 as a defender of the team. Let’s know more about his journey into football.

How long has it been since you started playing football ?

It’s been more than 7 years now.

When did you think career in football ?

It was when I was just in class 5. In my family, 3 uncles were Army,  they played football with small clubs locally. When they return home, they used to get lot of love and respect. Seeing that, I got motivated I aimed more than that and dreamed of  wearing Nepal National Team jersey.

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Sushil Adhikari Jersey Number 2 Photo : ANFA

Who supported you to become a footballer?

My own brother Ram Adhikari and my mama Jyoti Bhandari.

How did you get into ANFA ?

Its all because of my brother Ram Adhikari and Jyoti Bhandari. They were the only to support me initially. I would like to thank them, I am here just beacuse of their assistance.

Did your family support you through all this ?

Beside, my brother and mama,there was not much support in the beginning. But once I got into ANFA Academy whole family support me being involved in football.

What about your education?

I am in grade 10 now. I am living with my Mama-Maiju Abhiman and Archana Bhandari in Kathmandu. They too have bolstered me in my life. I got almost everything from them love, manners and yes, more or less all early education that we get from our parents. I take them as my second mom and dad.

Is it difficult to take football and studies together?

Yes, it is quiet difficult but I am studying. Study is also important along with football.

Who is your favorite football player ?

I am fan of Suman Aryal from the Nepal National Team.

What are your future plans?

From the very beginning, my dream is to play from the Nepal National Team. For this, I am struggling more on my skills and I keep on practicing.

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