Sergio Ramos “Messi has the right to determine his own future”

Spanish team captain Sergio Ramos gave a speech at a telematic press conference, and La Roja returned 10 months later. The Spanish captain also analyzed his situation in Real Madrid, but said he had no intention of leaving the Bernabéu team.

What do you think of Leo Messi?

This is something we don’t care about, but player has gained the right to determine his own future. Having said that, for the Spanish game, for Barcelona and for the rest of us, we want him to stay because we always want the best game.

What is the latest news about your renewal of Real Madrid?

This is an unresolved problem, but neither I nor the club members are worried. I have spent many years in Real Madrid, never really considered leaving, and believe that we will reach a mutually suitable arrangement. My focus now is to prepare for a stable season in the future.

Sergio Ramos speaks at the pre-match press conference before the opening match of the European Nations League in Spain in 2020/21, “La Roja” faces Germany in Stuttgart September 3.

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